API's Infant Sleep Safety Campaign

Did you know that a recent poll of parents conducted by Parenting magazine indicated that 42% share sleep with their infant at least part of the time?

Parents, especially first-timers who are overwhelmed by the conflicting advice of well-meaning family members, doctors, and popular parenting sources, need research-based safety information to help them make decisions for their family.

API, in consultation with many experts in the area of infant sleep, has this information and wants to get it into the hands of parents everywhere to ensure that all babies can be safe during sleep, at night and at naptime, regardless of whether you share sleep in the same bed, use a cosleeping bassinet, or use a crib.

Advances in research have demonstrated that the proximity of the infant to the parents during sleep is a protective factor against both SIDS and unexplained infant death, as well as valuable for bonding and sleep-time parenting. We know from surveys, polls and anecdotal information that many parents have taken this and other research to heart. API and its sponsors want to accompany the practices parents have chosen for their families with as much information as possible to help keep their babies safe during sleep. For a preview of our guidelines and other information about nighttime parenting, please see our Infant Sleep SafetyPrinciples and Parent Resources pages.

API's Infant Sleep Safety brochure is now available for download! Our goal is to distribute the Infant Sleep Safety guidelines to hospitals, health departments, healthcare practitioners, and other networks in as many communities as possible. But we need your help: please consider making a donation to cover shipping costs today! And if you are interested in receiving more information about this campaign, contact Samantha.

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